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Snyder - SUMO Tank Fitting

Snyder - SUMO Tank Fitting

Features & Specifications:

The Snyder Industries’ SUMO full drain fitting was designed to help ensure maximum liquid drainage from vertical bulk storage tanks. It allows for modification free attachments to two, three, four, and six inch ANSI pipe sizes, and can be located at 90 degree locations around the base of most tanks.

Snyder is able to encapsulate either a stainless steel, hastelloy, or titanium insert into the wall of the tank. This encapsulated insert is then sealed off from the liquid contents of the tank by the two O-rings that are installed on a specially machined male adapter.


  • The SUMO provides maximum drainage from the tank
  • Reduces unscheduled maintenance downtime due to build up of sediment
  • SUMO is molded into the tank
  • The SUMO is piped directly into the tank
  • A molded-in outlet also reduces the stress on the tank caused by cutting and bolting
  • The SUMO can be easily repaired if it should become damaged

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)