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BJM - XP KZN Submersible Explosion Proof Slurry Pump - NEW

BJM - XP KZN Submersible Explosion Proof Slurry Pump - NEW

Features & Specifications:

BJM Pumps® is pleased to announce the release of the new XP-KZN heavy-duty submersible explosion proof pumps. The XP-KZN Heavy Duty Submersible Slurry Pumps are specifically designed for tough conditions where explosion-proof, FM, C/US approved (Class I, Division 1, Group C & D) are needed. The XP-KZN features a top discharge, slim-line design with agitator to suspend heavy slurries containing coal, ash, sand, gravel or other abrasive materials.


Like the initial top-selling KZN Series, the new explosion proof, FM rated, XP-KZN Series, features robust construction and unmatched design, making it able to outperform and outlast standard wastewater predecessors in harsh environments. The top discharge and slim design allow for an easy fit into tight thin spaces. The agitator helps keep solids suspended in liquid and helps prevent the pump from clogging, reducing capital and operating costs. The impeller, wear plate and agitator are made of abrasive resistant 28% chrome iron (600 Brinell, 57 Rockwell C). The replaceable wear plate's hardened surface on the suction side prevents erosion, ensuring optimum performance. The XP-KZN is protected by Class H motor insulation and built in amperage (FLA) and temperature overload protection. It features double silicon carbide mechanical seals in a separate oil filled seal chamber and a heavy-duty lip seal. Volutes are cast from hardened Ductile Iron. The XP-KZN Series is able to pump a sump or pit down to within inches of the bottom. GPM to 665. Heads to 61'.



  • Top discharge, slim line design
  • Explosion proof, FM approved, C/US approved (Class 1,Div. 1,Group C&D)
  • Designed and constructed for abrasive slurries
  • High-Chrome iron impeller, wear plate and agitator
  • Hardened ductile iron volute
  • Built-in agitator mixes settled solids with pump water to restore sump or basin volume.

* Specifications dependent on model & may change without notice

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