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Iwaki - RD Series Pump

Iwaki - RD Series Pump

Features & Specifications:

Iwaki America’s RD Series, offers the latest in sealless and direct drive pump technology.

Our RD pumps are smaller, offer higher pressure, and last significantly longer than any traditional designs. This pump is perfect for fuel cell coolant recirculation, electronics cooling, lasers, cell phone amplifiers, servers, and power supplies.


  • Easy to Integrate – DC Power, 24 volt, DC brushless motors with integral controllers make wiring and regulatory compliance easy
  • 12 VDC option available for OEM applications
  • Easy to live with – Brushless motors and our
  • superior engineering offer design lives in excess of 25K hours
  • Easy to fit – Our unique, canned motor design offers the most compact package available
  • Easy on your budget – There are no parts kits because you won’t be needing them
  • Easy on your ears – Our pumps have sound levels as low as 40dB


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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)