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BJM Pump - SK Series

BJM Pump - SK Series

Features & Specifications:

The BJM Pumps SK Series are Shredder pumps which have tungsten carbide cutting tip(s) which help shred solids that would clog an ordinary pump. Perfect for sump pits, agricultural and animal waste.

The SK Series Shredder pumps leave solids slightly larger than if passed through a grinder pump. Using a cutting impeller with a Tungsten Carbide Tip, against a “spiral” shaped diffuser plate, causes the shredding action.


  • Standard 33-foot power cord
  • Motor Housing is constructed of 304SS, which is abrasion resistance and will not wear out like aluminum motor housings
  • Double mechanical seals protect motor.
  • Lower seal made of silicon carbide/silicon carbide and upper seal is made of carbon/ceramic
  • An additional lip seal has been installed above the impeller, to help prevent abrasives such as dirt, silt or sand, from entering into the seal chamber
  • Motor Winding protection and (NEMA) Class F motor insulation allows motor temperature to raise to 230°F
  • Pump construction of hardened cast iron stands up to rough handling and pumping


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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)