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Tuthill - C Series Gear Pump

Tuthill - C Series Gear Pump

Features & Specifications:

The C Series cast iron positive displacement pumps have been the industry standard for Lubrication & Circulation for over 75 years. They were originally designed under James B. Tuthill, the company’s founder, in the 1920s. For eight decades, Tuthill has worked to improve these pumps to fit an ever-growing range of lubrication applications. The result is a family of reliable internal gear pumps that are ideal for custom OEM lubricating, low-pressure hydraulic, transfer, circulating, burner oil and many other industrial pump applications.

Models: 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C

Features & Benefits:

  • Pressures to 300 psi (20.7 bar)
  • Temperatures to 475°F (246°C)
  • Viscosities from 32 SSU to 25000 SSU (1 to 5394 cst)
  • For speeds above 1800 RPM and/or viscosities above 25000 SSU consult factory


  • Lubrication
  • Fluid Transfer
  • Hydraulics
  • High Temp Applications

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