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Sensorex - UVT-LED-SW Submersible UV Transmittance Monitor

Sensorex - UVT-LED-SW Submersible UV Transmittance Monitor

Features & Specifications:

The UVT-LED-SW Submersible UV Transmittance Sensor provides reliable UVT testing for UV disinfection optimization. Designed for continuous monitoring of open channel wastewater UV disinfection, the UVT-LED-SW features high performance LED technology for up to 5x longer lifetime. Our patented automatic cleaning and calibration system reduces maintenance, with no expensive annual maintenance contracts required. Available with several installation kits (see “What’s Included” below) designed for first time installs or retrofits of existing UV disinfection monitoring systems.


  • Reliable continuous monitoring with patented automatic cleaning & calibration
  • Stable measurements driven by high-performance UV-C LED technology
  • No expensive annual maintenance contract
  • Direct 4-20mA output (no transmitter or controller required)
  • Two year limited warranty


  • Measurement Technique: UV absorption method (single beam technique), reagent-free
  • Wavelength: 254nm
  • Measurement Path Length: 1cm
  • Output: 4-20 mA
  • Power Requirement: 24V DC
  • Accuracy: 1.0% T
  • Resolution: 0.1% T
  • Measurement Range: 10% – 100% T
  • Measurement Interval: 60 seconds
  • Sample Flow Rate: N/A
  • Inspection Interval: 3 months
  • User Maintenance: 1 hour / month, typical
  • IP Ingress Rating: IP68
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions: 9.40” H × 3.00” Dia
  • Weight: 1.74 lbs (0.79 kg)

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)