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LMI - DP5000 pH Controller

LMI - DP5000 pH Controller

Features & Specifications:

The DP5000 pH Controller is designed for a variety of industrial pH applications including water treatment, metal finishing, PCB manufacturing and waste treatment. It provides on/off or proportional (pulse) control of metering pumps for addition of acid or base. Level and flow inputs and alarm outputs are standard. An advanced menu includes special features such as the solenoid dump valve control for batch treatment and a “Point 3” (inflection point) adjustment for fine-tuning the control profiles of the metering pumps. 4-20mA output is optional.


  • 0 - 14 pH scale
  • Dual-channel output fully programmable
  • On/off and/or proportional pump control
  • Alarm output with programmable set points
  • Drain valve control with programmable timers
  • 3-point proportional pump control
  • Probe diagnostics with 1- or 2-point calibration
  • Tactile keypad for ease of programming
  • Backlit LCD display


The DP5000 allows independent programming of control methods:

    • ON/OFF

Control of dosage for:

    • Acid (Pump A)
    • Base (Pump B)

Independent high and low pH alarms may be set with activation of the Alarm relays.

A third relay output is available for activating a solenoid valve or other devices.


  • Electrodes
  • Flow Switch Assemblies
  • Pre-Amp with cables
  • Extension Cable Assemblies
  • Tee Assemblies
  • Manifolds
  • Replacement Parts

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)