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Protech - Tytan Water Heaters

Protech - Tytan Water Heaters

Features & Specifications:

  • Improved Process Results: Heated DI water improves cleaning effectiveness and reduces rinse time in most processes.
  • Cost Saving Design: >99% element efficiency contributes to low cost of ownership (COO) and excellent return on investment (ROI).
  • Outstanding Cleanliness: 100% titanium heating elements provide very clean performance for precision cleaning applications.
  • Reliable, Rugged Construction: Simple, heavy-walled element construction for trouble-free operation and long life.
  • Outstanding Temperature Responsiveness and Stability: Excellent temperature accuracy over a wide flow range can substantially improve process consistency.
  • Fast/Easy Maintenance: Long-life element for minimal process down time.
  • Rapid Installation: Heater is factory tuned to your specifications. Only power and plumbing connections required.
  • Compact Configuration: Space saving design minimizes footprint requirements.

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)