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Resintech - Mixed Bed Resins

Resintech - Mixed Bed Resins

Features & Specifications:

The ResinTech MBD-10 (mixed bed resin) is a mixture of hydroxide form Type One strong base gel anion exchange resin and hydrogen form strong acid sulfonated gelular polystyrene cation exchange resin in a 1:1 (H/OH) ratio. It is available in Nuclear (NG), Semiconductor (SC), Low TOC (LTOC) and ULTRA Grades.

The MBD-10 is supplied as moist, tough, colored, spherical beads. The anion resin is light in color. The cation resin is dark brown to black. The color difference between the cation and anion resins makes it easy to determine the degree and completeness of the separation step during the backwash step of the regeneration process.


  • Complies with FDA Regulations For Potable Water
  • Highest Operating Capacity
  • Ease of Separation
  • Superior Thermal & Physical Stability
  • Low Silica Leakage
  • Available in Low Leachable TOC Grades
  • Performance Tested

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)