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Resintech - Activated Granular Carbon (AGC)

Resintech - Activated Granular Carbon (AGC)

Features & Specifications:

The ResinTech AGC-40 is a coal based, premium grade, granular activated carbon supplied as either dry or pre-moistened granules with a size range of 12 to 40 mesh. The pore structure is carefully controlled to facilitate the adsorption of both high and low molecular weight organic molecules.

ResinTech AGC-40 is intended for use in dechlorinating water, reducing organic impurities, and as pretreatment for reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems.


  • Reduces fines and dust - the pre-moistened grades are easier and safer to handle
  • Optimum mesh size is 12x40 and is highly activated due to the smaller granule size
  • Ideal pore structure and high surface area maximizes the removal of color bodies and dissolved organics
  • Very durable surface provides minimum attrition and long life
  • Suitable for steam regeneration

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)